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Our Trustees and Volunteers


Mrs Brigitte Kasper

Brigitte is a compassionate and dedicated Trustee at Global Connect.

She is a trained documentalist with extensive experience working for the WHO and Social Services in Berlin. With unwavering empathy and a commitment to social justice, she strives to empower and advocate for the most vulnerable members of society. She has a great passion for Tanzania and Zanzibar. 

Through her experience, resource coordination, and advocacy, she plays a vital role in promoting positive change and helping individuals navigate life's complexities with dignity and resilience. 

Brigitte is not just an experienced professional but a beacon of hope.

Mr Juhudi Kinyaka

Juhudi is our expert with local experience and knowledge. He grew up in Dar es Salaam and plays a crucial role in Global Connect's success by providing invaluable insights, knowledge, and connections within communities in Tanzania. He speaks Swahili and English. Juhudi’s experience in the British Army and logistics will help us streamline allocating resources such as funds and supplies.


Dr Mathias Nagy

Mathias is a highly accomplished consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee surgery in York, UK.

He has a truly international background. Mathias completed his MD in Austria, lived in multiple countries in Europe and Africa, and is a frequent visitor to Tanzania, where he treated patients in Dar es Salam, Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro.

Mathias settled in York, UK, and holds several national and international qualifications related to Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery.

 Additionally, he has vast experience in medical education, holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education, is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Member of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers, and is a qualified ATLS Instructor. He is passionate about teaching a wide range of orthopaedic topics nationally and internationally.

He also served as President-Elect of FORTE and an executive committee member. FORTE is a large, international educational organisation representing European orthopaedic surgeons in training, focusing on scholarly meetings and travelling fellowships.

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